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Custom Columns In Luxury Homes

Custom column were a popular architectural structure in Ancient Greece, but until now, they can still be seen in many buildings and huge houses. They are not only lovely to look at; columns are an integral part of the structure of the building, since it acts as an additional support to the foundation of the establishment.

custom column

Although columns are commonly seen in porches and the exterior part of the building, some columns are designed in order to fit inside the house. Most often, interior columns can be seen in the foyer and sometimes in hallways. If improperly situated however, interior pillars can be quite a distraction, but that doesn’t mean that you have to totally get rid of it – rather, you can do something about it; either blend it or make it stand out.

Italian limestone columns in the foyer bring out the elegance of the room and if you wish to have one, you can hire Marvelous Marble Design Inc to do the job. They are available in Manhattan, N.Y. and in major cities through this number: 1-888-272-0630.

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