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Front Porch Limestone Column Designs For Your Home

Whether you want to put up columns designs in your California condo or your Texas home, you would want to choose something that actually suits your style. Therefore if you are looking for something like the Doric column, Tuscan, Corinthian or Ionic, then you should consider visiting Marvelous Marble Design Inc. They have a team of qualified experts who are able to create a unique custom made design for you.

limestone column design

Front porches of homes make the home attractive and inviting. The following are some of the things that you should know about the things that you should know about front porch columns:

–  Architectural columns usually have the cap and the shaft. The base usually supports the beams or the roof. These ones can either be decorative or architectural.

–  The caps are the top most part of the columns and act as a transition between the supported structures on the shaft. The caps usually come in a variety of styles mostly, Scamozzi, Roman Ionic, Roman Doric, Roman Corinthian, Empire, Greek Ereteum  and Tuscan just to mention a few.

–  The shafts on the other hand can be non-tapered, tapered, fluted or plain depending on what you would like to have on the front porch of your Texas home. The Greeks discovered that when the columns gradually tapper to the top, they actually appear to be bigger than the eye can perceive.

–  The base of your front porch columns can come in different styles the most common being the Tuscan and the Attica style. The Attic style originated from the ancient Attica style while the Tuscan base can be attributed to Italy in the 16th century.

The above is just a guide as to how you can be able to decorate your front porch with column designs. The guide serves the purpose of helping you have a rough idea of what to expect when you start browsing for column designs.


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