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Luxury Marble Columns

It is a known fact that marble is very expensive, and having a commodity made of marble at home will definitely make your place look luxurious. However, you don’t have to invest in authentic marble so you can own something that’s marbled at home. The technique is to recreate certain pieces at home by using paint and a whole lot of creativity.

Luxury marble columns are available for installations and many companies offer such services, like Marvelous Marble Design Inc. You can either request for pure marble, or ask for custom design columns to make your pillars appear marbleized. Residents in New Jersey and many regions in the US can call this number – 1-888-272-0630 – if there’s a need for custom-made columns.

luxury marble column

How to do a Marble Paint Job

If ever you decide to do the painting job yourself, there are things that you will have to prepare. First off, of course you will need different shades of paint – for the base coat and the veining design. You will also need polyurethane to preserve and protect your paint, clear glaze, some paintbrushes in various sizes and a roller.

Step 1: make sure that the surface of the column is clean and dry it well before applying your base coat.

Step 2: use a roller brush for applying your base coat. This will be your primary color for the faux marble so make sure that it is evenly applied.

Step 3: take out the glaze and mix a part of it with latex paint, preferably a darker shade. Apply the mixed colors on the column and manipulate it with a soft sponge while still wet in order to create a cloudy look.

Step 4: now for your veins, choose another paint color. Mix a bit of water in it to make it runnier and slowly make patterns using a fine brush. To make the veins appear prominent, use a badger brush or a sea sponge.

Step 5: wait for your creation to dry before applying polyurethane. This will protect the faux marble and make it last longer.



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