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Marble columns

If you want to have an outstanding design and quality in your new house the 10ft Limestone Column, 12ft marble Corinthian columns, 10ft Doric Limestone pilaster and the Marble Pilaster are some of the column option you will have in order to add quality and value to your new custom build house in California.

marble columns

Cast limestone columns in foyer

The Cast limestone column offers excellent and lower cost per column and offers many consumers another option of buying more columns. The tapper marble Corinthian column is an excellent choice for the high end home like the homes in Southern California where many builders use marble columns to not only increase the quality but also the design of homes. If you own a house with high ceilings you should consider the high end cast stone Corinthian columns. The 14ft marble columns offer an added view to your home where even your family can’t believe. For more design there is an excellent site to visit:

The columns collection offered by Marvelous Marble Design from Toronto, Canada is part of the high quality used by many of the ASID. Recently many of the ASID and building contractors choose 10ft window pilaster to design family rooms in the Chicago and New York. The Window pilasters will add an excellent look to any living in homes across the United States. Marble Pilasters can also be used in area of homes where you would not think it would be possible like the second floor hallways to master bedrooms or around the tub in master suit.

Many of the old building in the world were building with 10+ ft marble or limestone like the Opera House in Munich, Germany or many of the old government buildings in Washington DC and Arlington.

The Columns come in different shape, sizes and quality. Marble Column comes as tapered, Doric, Ionic, spiral and Tuscan. The latest mentioned is of the famous marble Wall panels used in many custom built residential in the United States and Canada.  When building a new house you should consider the highest quality of American made columns

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