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Ideas for Stone Walls and Stone Column Design

It is possible to make your garden, yard, staircases and other columns in your home to look vintage and stately like in the traditional British homes. There are numerous design options for stone walls that you can use to give your home the desired look; one that will have your home stand out. Consider the following design ideas:

stone column

  • Stone columns

I remember visiting one home that had well crafted stone columns and it instantly felt like I was immersed in an ancient stone museum. The beauty of modern stone columns is that they are versatile allowing for neutral and ornate styles. The former can be made from rock or marble while the latter from marble. The ornate styles may take a lot of time to design and they come in vivid styles, details and complex shapes. Only experienced stone masons can handle this kind of column design.

  • Curved flagstone wall design

This can be used at any point in the yard or garden. They can be used as a finishing on the curved stone patios or to establish different designs in your garden or home exteriors.  The advantage of using flagstone for wall designs is that it can produce casual, relaxed and elegant designs depending on the outlook that you prefer.

  • Stacked stone walls

The stacked stone wall shows an inherent stone column design and presents versatility that is straight, curved, high, low or simply flat stone.  Stacked stones can be used to contrast the appearance of brick walls in the flower beds, porch and the demarcation walls.  Stacked stone walls are the best if you would want to match the wood barrels, benches, wrought iron gates and other structures in your home. Consider stacked stone walls an important addition to your home which will make it easy to complete various architectural designs

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