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What You Need to Know About Types of Marble Columns And Designs

Have you noticed that most homes in Chicago, New York, Texas and California nowadays have columns? Well, this is becoming very popular among   new homes. It seems that home builders are going for different column designs to give homes that elegant look. In a new home that has columns, you will simply find them located in   front entrance, hallways, as well as the sides of the stairs. Apart from that, it is not a surprise to find column designs in living rooms and even in bathrooms. In general, columns are playing a very big role as home decorations. However, it is not all about decorating homes but also they bring out art work in a home. There are different types of columns which include marble, limestone, and cast stone columns. Normally, the marble and cast stone columns are an excellent addition and come in different design and lengths which can help you add luxurious to your home.

marble column

The limestone columns can be used in your hallways while you can use cast stone column in your living room to add an elegance look to view outside. Often, the 12 ft tall marble columns are used outside the house in areas like the main entrance to the balcony area before entering the back yard or the pool area. What’s more, the marble column can be used in different places of your home that you never crossed your mind. Most people go for the natural black marble columns which can be fitted anywhere in the house where they have bright walls. Also the main entrance of your home since the color will be matching majority of the main entrance doors. Aside from that, the columns come in three pieces which include the top, the middle part as well as the base. The simple installation of cast stone columns saves many installers time. Are you planning to establish marble flooring and stairs? The marble and limestone will work out great by revealing the beautiful stone marble columns around the house.

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