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Custom Marble Columns for your Custom Designed Rooms

Having a bathroom designed with marbles exudes class and an elegant lifestyle. Marble is considered as a prized piece, therefore it is naturally expensive. Still, there are other options if you can’t afford real marble. Cultured marble is less expensive, and yet it gives off a similar effect.

Nowadays, a lot of homes have marble columns in bathroom. These architectural pieces can be done by highly trained professionals; one of which is Marvelous Marble Design Inc. if you wish to an entire bathroom decorated with marble columns and tiles, all you have to do is call 1-888-272-0630 and your ideas will come to life.

Hollow columns in bathrooms can also be used as storage as well as decorative pieces. You can conceal items by installing drawers, as well as put some toiletries on the pedestal. In Montana, there are lots of companies which offer these services. All you need to do is to pick the right one.



Decorative Marble Ideas

If you want something that’s eye-catching and attention-drawing, choose a stone with intricate marble whorls and patterns. High contrasting colors work well inside the bathroom – one good example of which is the Carrara marble. This stone is not only used in columns; it can also serve as an accent in sinks, flooring and counter tops.

Modern and Contemporary Options

If you are not into Old World interiors, you can always select a stone with plain or clean lines. Select a marble stone with a minimalist effect. If you are unsure, ask your interior designer to do it for you. Make sure that everything around the bathroom is balanced and well coordinated.

Other Options

If marble is way too much for your budget, you can go for cultured marble. It looks quite the same as real marble, except it’s made of plastic resins and dust from authentic marble. The result is a much lighter material which is very easy to work with.


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